Valentine's Day ideas and 20% off bundle offer.

I love the idea of celebrating love and the day of love. My mom always had little cards and little heart boxes of chocolates for us in the morning which felt so special. I believe it's healthy to celebrate Valentine's Day - it's about finding the kind of love you feel good focusing on. Self-love, family love, love of nature, loving your job, love of little moments - what kind of love do you love? Valentine's Day is a good day to play it up. It is what Pour l'air is all about...Scents to love the day. 

Here's the Pour l'air list of ways we can help celebrate Valentine's Day.  Pourlair.com

1. Use the large box as a Valentines box. Order Mr. Rose, we will send it in our large white hand stamped box. Normally it's what we use to ship 3 candles but our idea is you can use the extra room to stuff the box with other things that remind you of that person. Fresh flowers, notes, rocks, shells, socks, clothing, chocolates, candy... how fun it was full of Hershey kisses. You could slice an opening at the top and turn it into a old school Valentine's box. Or use it to keep notes and mementos of moments loved. 

All Pour l'air candles have I loved you today on one side, the scent label on the other side. The candles are designed to be kept and reused with things you loved in a day, ie brushes, spoons, flowers and such. 

Stuff the Valentines box with Hershey kisses, roses, underwear, love notes or other fun items.

2. Ship a date. Our Mr. Rose is a story about a date. It smells like being on a date with an elegant man with notes of rich leather, smooth bourbon, tobacco leaves and a bit of rose. It's manly and romantic. We can type out your note of your date idea and include it in the box. Order Mr. Rose here. (free shipping)

Mr. Rose candle is perfect for Valentine's Day as it feels like being on a date with Paul Newman.

3. Tattoo yourself with our temp tattoos. We have free temporary tattoos that say I loved you today and will include one with your order. Apply it where you like and wear your love on your sleeve, hand, cheek... have fun with it. Take a photo and tag #pourlairscents and someone's name to get it noticed. 

Tattoo yourself for Valentine's Day and play up your love with the Pour l'air free temporary tattoo.

4. Have the kids write out love notes to mom or dad with our free downloadable gratitude love notes. The notes have room for you to write out what you loved today and some other special day. It's a positive ritual to do everyday. My family started this at the dinner table with my father asking 'what did you love about today/'. Have the kids write one for mom, dad, each other, and about the day itself such as the color of the sky, passing a test, the puddles on the sidewalk. There's lots to love in a day. They are free to download here. 

Gratitude notes for Valentine's Day. A Valentine's Day DIY kit free download and make your own notes.

5. Office morale booster - Poster. Order our 'I loved you today' poster, put it up in a central location and have everyone write something they loved about the day. This is something that could be done on a regular bases. Posters are only $18. Order here. 

Valentines Day in the office_ put up the I Loved You Today poster and have everyone write notes of what they loved in the office that day.

6. Send an inviting message with our 'Travel With Me' bundle - travel pillowcase / Mr. Rose bundle. Order our 'Travel With Me' pillowcase in linen or cotton and Mr. Rose candle bundle and send the message you want to travel in your dreams. Great for the home decor lover or the travel lover. We also think it's a great engagement or wedding gift. Order here. 

Valentine's Day gift idea for the traveler. Travel pillowcase is 20% off when bought with Mr. Rose romantic candle.

Valentine's Day gift box comes with a linen pillowcase and leather scented soy candle. 7. Scent our pillowcase with their scent. Send them our pillowcase and have them sleep on it. Parents, boyfriend, loved ones... isn't nice to smell their very own scent when you miss them. Have them sleep on the pillowcase, then keep it in plastic for when you miss them. Order the bundle and save 20% here or just the pillowcase here

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