Pour l’air is making scents of stories to enhance your everyday, they are experiences.

soy blend, hand poured by candle craftsmen in LA. Oddly familiar notes, new ideas on scent.

designed TO work with your emotions, YOUR home, your travels.


what is Pour l’air about?

Pour l’air is designed by Jocelyn Fortier, creative director who always used scent to get into a creative zone and feel inspired. She now pours her passion into writing stories and making them into scents. The look of the candles is inspired by the notion of a writer sitting in a corner of an old Paris café writing out thoughts of living light. Each story has a purpose. We use the science of aromachology and good storywriting to create scents that work to change your mind, your space that you can have moments to love in a day. Pour l’air is about adding light to the everyday.