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MINDSET___use to feel grounded.

THE NOTES. wildly soothing notes of a dry forest, pine, juniper berry and myrrh.

THE STORY. she was often seen running in nothing. she needed the forest where the hot sun caressed and cleansed til she was stripped down to calm. she longed for the smell of the fermenting dirt, the warmed greens. her bare skin bathing in the goodness of nature — she was forest bathing which is a real thing with real science behind it: The magic behind forest bathing or as the Japanese call it 'shinrin-yoku' is due to the naturally produced allelochemic substances known as phytoncides, which are like pheromones for plants. Their job is to help ward off insects and slow the growth of fungi and bacteria. When humans are exposed to phytoncides, these chemicals are scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, relieve stress and boost the growth of cancer-fighting white blood cells. when she can’t get to the forest she does the second best, she pretends with the scent of a sun soaked forest.

THE PURPOSE. forest bathing is designed to get you to a place where you get out of your head. it gets you grounded. to the roots of who you are. where everything is ok.

THE CHARACTER. magical, uplifting, balancing. a dryness that removes tears and warms the spirit, stripping it of stress with the sun caressing tree tops and massaging the forest floor.

Soy blend wax, vegan, clean burning, strong cold and hot throw. Glass jar, 2 oz, 2" tall, burns 15 hours.