THE STORY. my father told me this story. he was an actual cowboy who rode horse all day meandering along caring for cattle and collecting stories. the days would be long and hot, the saddles warmed by the summer sun. the horses gently carried their cowboys from range to range and ever so often a hoof would squish down on wild mint creating a sensation the cowboys would ever remember. wild mint mingling with warmed leather and the raw animalic scent of the horse who had the good sense to meander over mint. 

THE PURPOSE. horse sense is designed to take you to a place where your mind can meander. wander aimlessly knowing you are safely being guided by the wisdom of nature.

use to feel a sense of meandering.

THE CHARACTER. visceral, almost pungent and wildly soothing with a wisdom that leads you to a state of wandering. Grace, power and a strong handed gentleness. 

NOTES. gentle rugged notes of horse, saddle leather, mint. 

{story note. when I brought my father the first round of this scent last summer, it took him back to riding and brought tears to his eyes. he passed away last month and now when I want to feel his presence I light this candle. his photos are in the story and in hayloft as are photos of him.}

POUR L'AIR PERSONAL SPACE SPRAYS  are 4 oz. Glass bottle that you can repurpose. Keep the spray with you and use to clear your personal space air where ever you are. 

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