Start a new ritual with our Gratitude Notes Kit. It's a free download. Gratitude is how we feel better - another feel good product from Pour l'air.

Dinner party idea that creates conversation and keepsakes. Gratitude Notes Kit by Pour l'air Scents.Create a conversation of gratitude at your next gathering, or on a daily basis. Download the Gratitude Notes Kit - for free and enjoy all the ways to use it and feel happiness. by Pour l'air Scents. (click here to download)

What they are_______ Gratitude notes are great to use at dinner parties or on a daily basis. The intent is to get yourself and others to think of something they loved in the day, small or large. Mostly small. It’s an easy way to feel happiness.

Use with your guests, your friends, your kids. Keep them in a gratitude jar and pull them out when you need a reminder of things loved. They make great keepsakes.

How to use_________ Download the file from and print (size is 8 1/2” x 11”). Cut the notes out, forget perfection and just cut down the middle horizontally and vertically so you end up with 4 notes from each page. Download as many as you like, it’s free. Post our sign to encourage guests and let them know when they will be read. We don’t have a place for names but you can sign and date the note if you like as that makes the note a great keepsake. While we have a few ideas, the simplist way to use is download. Cut the notes out and fill them out. It's easy.

(Download the kit from - scroll down for link.)

Gratitude Notes Kit for Thanksgiving dinner, gatherings. Thanksgiving dinner decor.Gratitude Notes Kit comes with ideas on hosting dinner parties.

(Comes with how to, ideas, poster, notes.)

Dinner party idea______ place the notes on guest plates or have a stack by your drinks area. Have a vessel and pens nearby. You can post our sign to encourage guests to write out their notes. Read after dinner.

Game idea_______ fill out the notes but don’t sign them. Put them in a vessel. Spin the bottle to see who’s turn to pull out a note and read it. Everyone guesses who wrote the note. The writer declares the winner and the guesser gets a point. Play till the notes are gone. Whoever has the most points wins.

Everyday idea_____ keep the stack of notes near the fridge or some communal area and ask your friends or family to write a note. Let them know when they will be read, ie Sunday at 6:00 pm or some time that works for you. It’s a great get together sharing time for families. Often the notes are funny so it ends up being joyous. It’s a great exercize to do on your own as well - a form of journalling and looking for positive moments.

Keepsake idea_____ keep the notes in a keepsake box as a reminder of where you were at that point in life. For kids, it’s good to see how their thinking evolves. For individuals, it’s an easy way to journal. For parents, what a way for your kids to remember you.

(Cut the notes out - download and print as many as you wish.)

How to have a dinner party that creates gratitude. Thanksgiving idea.

Tablescape idea with Gratitude Notes by Pour l'air Scents.

(Place a note by or on each plate - tie with sprig of pine, rosemary to decorate the table. Have pens nearby.)

Hostess idea for holiday dinners and gatherings.

 (Option_place the poster somewhere so people know where and when the notes will be read. This is a great idea to leave up and have notes read weekly as part of our daily use idea. )

Tablescape for Thanksgiving dinner idea. Create a dinner that creates a story.

(Encourage everyone to write a note on something they loved today, small, silly, sad,'s all good.)

Thanksgiving notes centre piece idea. Thankful tablescape by Pour l'air Scents

(Place notes in vessel - makes a pretty centerpiece - and have host read, or take turns going around the table having everyone read one. Guests don't need to read their own, or sign them. Makes for lighthearted after dinner chats.) 

Game idea using the Gratitude Notes by Pour l'air scents.

(Option idea is to use the notes in a game. scroll up to read the how to.)

Keepsake idea using Free Gratitude Notes Kit using Pour l'air Shipping box

( Keep the notes in a box. This is great to do with kids, parents and others so you can see how their thoughts grow, how others encourage everyday happiness. Great for kids to look at later in life.)

The Gratitude Notes Kit and the saying 'I loved you today' was inspired by Pour l'air founder Jocelyn Fortier's father who would ask at dinner time "What did you love today?". "It made us think and chat and have a positive outlook on the day," says Jocelyn. "It was about gratitude but I didn't understand that as a child. I am not sure my dad was aware it was that. It did create a sense of happiness as a child and became a ritual I do every day - it does create happiness." And that's what made her develop the candle line. Stories made into scents that help you love the day. 

Pour l’air is a lifestyle brand about moments to love in a day. Our handpainted art says ‘I loved you today’ and is a reminder to think of something to love each day. We are making scents to love the day. Candles that are experiences. Download notes at Share notes with #ilovedyoutoday, tag pourlair_scents and be entered to win a Pour l’air candle.



Our video about the GRATITUDE NOTES KIT. 



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