A travel candle for the road (one for the ditch as my friend says) is handy as who knows how that Airbnb is going to smell. We are clean freaks so we created the 'Travel With Me' pillowcase in lush cotton and cooling percale cotton to take along and use it to keep your head clean as well as a journal. 

Pour l’air designed Hayloft to be a scent and a story that help you feel your instincts. The hay notes will do that, as well as putting yourself into the story.

This article gives good advice on how to follow your instincts. Enjoy and put to use. It’s how we learn to love each day.

We’ve made a guide to buying scent online. 3 ways to choose a scent for yourself or someone else. Pour l’air scented candles come in home size, travel size and now the personal space spray.


Blogger and lifestyle influencer has great tips on making your home a sanctuary. She is a lovely soul with great style and energy - and she has included Pour l'air candles in her story. Follow her on her instagram and read the story here. 


Your space is a sanctuary. I always had an obsession with things around me being pleasing to the eye, it makes me feel this jolt of happiness every time I enter a room or a space that holds beautiful energy and matching colors.

1. Declutter

If you are on a search to turn around your own energy and life for that matter start with making your sanctuary your happy place. Clutter does not feel good, those piles of clothes and shoes and those papers sitting in the corner that are just growing in dust bunnies, its time to free yourself of clutter. Start small. Work your way up to the closets, because we all know what can happen once you open that can of worms.


Hello February! Nice to see you. Let's make happy.


Just as fashion has trends, so does scent. Home decor and lifestyle changes bring on different scents and moods. Pour l'air didn't know about these trends when we created the collection yet we realized we are on trend. Mostly it's due to our grounding effects of the scents. They are all made to move your mind, to create a feeling that inspires.
You might be surprised at how important of a role your sense of smell plays in your day-to-day decisions, emotions, and memories. It's not just memory. Scent effects differently throughout the day. 

It started on a Monday when I found myself staring at my computer screen plunking away on keys mindlessly. What was the point of that besides nothing? So, I researched how my mind and body would best operate on a Monday, then moved through the rest of the days of the week. Makes sense to put these day tips to use, hope they can help make your day more productive, more efficient nd a little more loved.


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