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Mr. Rose candle is the story of being on a date with Paul Newman. The perfect candle for Valentines Day brought to you by Pour l'air Scents.

Imagine a date with Paul Newman…. You are in his 50’s Cadillac. The roses he brought you tossed to the backseat mingling with his spilt can of Vogue tobacco, the sun warming the leather seats and heating up the situation… That’s the trip our Mr. Rose is designed to take you on. Mr. Rose is dreamy, warm and passionate. Use the candle when you feel you want to set the mood or send your mind on an escape date.

Let the comforting scent of leather warm your mind. An intensely intoxicating aroma, Mr. Rose croons with notes of rich vintage leather, warm tobacco, smooth bourbon and a slight hint of elegant rose.

THE NOTES. Rich vintage leather, smooth bourbon, warm tobacco leaves, and a hint of rose.

THE STORY. early summer evening and an elegant yet raw Paul Newman esque man is driving a convertible Cadillac down a dirt road to pick up his date. dust is trailing behind him. roses tossed in the backseat are slight squished and warming in the hot sun, mingling with the warmed leather of the seat and the open can of loose tobacco. he’s nervous, excited, wishing his earlier icy bourbon was with him. anticipation. aloofness. the unknowing. the elegance of a sensual, warm summer evening...back seat and all.

THE PURPOSE. Mr. Rose is designed to get you into a place where you feel loved, wanted. Where passion reigns and rules over regular. It’s to get you into a place of feeling raw sensual passion.

THE CHARACTER. masculine, sensual, elegantly rugged with a slight soft afterthought. bourbon and old car leather are reminiscent of an elegant, old time date while rose is in the backseat. It is romantic and sensual.

CONTENT. They have a high level of premium grade fragrance so the cold throw is great meaning the scent lingers and lasts even when not lit. Not tested on animals. Soy wax blend. Cotton wick. Clean burning.

9 oz, burns 60 hours.