MINDSETS____ scents to change your mind

Forest Bathing Scent by Pour l'air. Scents to move your mindset


Pour l'air was created by a creative director who always used scent to get into different mindsets for different reasons__ a creative zone, productive zone, idea generating, unwinding and more. Getting into a zone is a huge step into getting things done, being happier, enjoying the everyday. 

Each scent is designed as an experience. Think of each scent washing your mind and making way for new thoughts. 

Creative director, Jocelyn Fortier, wrote stories that are positive and mind-moving. She worked with professional fragrance developers to make the stories into scents__'making scents of stories'. Each scent takes about 9 months to create. Most candles are made with scents pulled from an existing library but Pour l'air scents are original. They are stories, experiences that let you be the main character. It's a form of meditation that helps you make your day more productive. 

There's science behind stories and scent. A good story releases a chemical in your brain that makes you feel good. Scent has the power to change your mindset, your thinking - it's called Aromachology. Pour l'air researches scent notes that have the power to move your mind. Together, scent and stories can change your mindset and get you into a place that will make your everyday better, more productive, inspired. 

Here's our current scents and how they can help you____How do you want to feel? Choose your scent based on that. Then imagine someone is reading the story to you as you smell the scent. It's an experience that feels good. 

HAYLOFT___ ignite your instincts. A great candle to use when you want to feel alive, feel and hear your instincts, and get things done. Grassy, wet concrete notes like that invigorating smell when rain hits hot concrete. 

FOREST BATHING__feel grounded. Use this candle when you feel wound up. We know that being in nature grounds us but we can't always get there. Forest Bathing has notes of a sun drenched California forest: dry dirt, sun soaked pine, cedar, fresh juniper berry and a bit of spiritual myrrh. 

HORSE SENSE__ feel like your wandering freely. Nothing generates ideas better than sitting back and letting your mind meander. Horse Sense is a story of a wise and gentle yet powerful horse carrying you over a grassy range. Use it when you want to come up with new ideas or just feel cared for by nature. 

STUDIO SECRETS__feel inspired, creative. Use this scent and feel like you are an artist sitting in a beautiful old house made into a studio creating collages from old books... collages on living light and loving the day. It smells like paper, books, india ink and a bit of orange which is inspiring. 

MR. ROSE__ feel raw passion. Sometimes you want to feel raw passion, maybe to remember a moment of past passion, maybe to get your heart warmed like a good romance novel. Mr. Rose candle is a story of a date in a vintage car smelling of leather, bourbon, tobacco and rose. It's manly and slight vintage.

NAP LOVERS__ use to be in a daydream state. Daydreaming is where ideas happen. Where your head hears your heart. Where your body relaxes. Nap Lovers by Pour l'air is a story of napping under a old yet nourishing fig tree with cotton sheets that have been dried in the sun. It's fresh yet warm and ever so soothing.