Stylist and interior designers love to use Pour l'air candles and boxes as decor. The scents add a layer and feeling to a room. The candles vessel and label are white with lush cotton paper letterpressed with handwriting and a typewriter font to look like a writer created them in a little corner of a Paris cafe. The boxes are like little posters with a handpainted message reminding one to find moments to love in the everyday. 

A lot of these images are by stylist/photographer Paulina Arcklin. She is a stylist for hotels and lifestyle brands. Get more decor ideas from her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/paulinaarcklin

It's the soulful scents, the sensual paper, the story, the way they make you feel that adds to the value of Pour l'air . It's more than just a candle. It's a piece of home decor that adds to your mood, your decor, your everyday happiness.