National Gratitude Month is a great month to start writing notes on little moments that make you happy. Pour l'air candles remind you to look for moments. November is #nationalgratitudemonth and that makes us rather excited. Pour l'air is all about gratitude and finding moments to love in a day. This is what makes us to be a little happier, makes the day better. 

One of the best ways to experience gratitude is to take a moment and make a note of something you loved. It can be the tiniest of things - we get that some days is takes a bit of thinking to think of something you loved. Maybe the way the sun hit your window when you woke, the way the store lady smiled, the crunch of the leaves. Then to make the moment a bit more vivid, write it down. Make a note of it and stuff the note into a jar like an empty Pour l'air candle jar. That's why we made them and put the message on them. The I loved you today is a reminder to look for something to love in each day. Pour l'air candle jars handlettering message to change your mindset to gratitude.

 Pour l'air exists to help you love your day. Our scents are made from stories, each with a purpose to get your mind into a different mindset that you can make your day make more sense. We love making scents to love the day. 



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