Choosing a scent online can be tricky to some so we've made a guide with options on choosing. It's making sense of shopping for scents. Some people buy for home decor, some on notes they know. Pour l'air makes scents of stories, each is designed to be an experience and smell like that experience. It puts your mind into a place and transforms your mind, your feelings into a good place.

HOW TO CHOOSE A SCENT ____choose one:

1. A story you want to experience. View stories here.

2. A scent pairing that matches your decor, outing or outfit. Read the guide below or see our scent pairings here.

3. Scent notes that interest you. We suggest them in the story and outline them in the candle descriptions. Browse through them here. 

4. A character that matches you or how you want to feel. Read in the guide below.

5. The zone you want your mind to be in. We practice aromachology, the psychology of aromas which studies the relation between psychology and scents to give each scent a purpose. A way to get your mind into various zones. We list them in the candle descriptions here.

Pour l’air candles are experiences, burn 60 hours and made with a soy wax, cotton wick, glass made in the USA. The candles are created by a master candle craftsman. The boxes are cotton paper, hand assembled, letterpressed. Both the candle and the box are designed to be repurposed to be keep things you loved in a day.

The vessel is double sided that she can repurpose it with things like flowers, brushes, cooking tools, whatever she loves. Pour l'air is about adding light and love to the everyday. We are making scents of stories that add light to air, they add a scents of inspiration that gets your head to hear your heart. Browse the gift guide then head on over to our Shop here.

Pour l'air candles make heart warming gifts for yourself or for weddings, graduations, birthdays ... any reason to love the day. You can always send the guide to someone to get their input. Remember to always find something to love in the day - it's the key to happiness.

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