Blogger and lifestyle influencer has great tips on making your home a sanctuary. She is a lovely soul with great style and energy - and she has included Pour l'air candles in her story. Follow her on her instagram and read the story here. HOW TO START CREATING YOUR OWN HOME SANCTUARY

Your space is a sanctuary. I always had an obsession with things around me being pleasing to the eye, it makes me feel this jolt of happiness every time I enter a room or a space that holds beautiful energy and matching colors.

1. Declutter

If you are on a search to turn around your own energy and life for that matter start with making your sanctuary your happy place. Clutter does not feel good, those piles of clothes and shoes and those papers sitting in the corner that are just growing in dust bunnies, its time to free yourself of clutter. Start small. Work your way up to the closets, because we all know what can happen once you open that can of worms.

2. Shift energy by moving furniture into new places

Beyond the clutter is your furniture love your pieces! They set the mood and tone to everything you do and the way you feel in your space. If something feels off start moving things around. Once you start moving things around and shifting energy you will know immediately where what belongs and if there is one piece that never fits into the puzzle, the one you aways stub your toe on, its time to get that piece out of there! The energy is not positive around a piece that aways feels out of place. I am not a Feng Shui expert nor is my home decorate entirely after its beautiful happy chi guidelines but I think these are the two very simple. 

3. Invest in 1 or two statement pieces

My first step to creating this sanctuary was to invest in statement pieces that would anchor the vibe! In many cases that is the dining room table, and a “TV Stand” or a couch. Rove concept has timeless pieces that have just enough of their own character but are not over powering, so you can change your decor and vibe and the anchors will still blend in nicely. 

4. Select a color palette or let it select you

I did not really plan on colors for both these rooms, they just kind of happened this way. Color combinations is what makes things pleasing to the eye. Pay attention to what you are drawn to outside of your home and bring it back with you. Earthy more neutral tones ended up in the dining room. Representing a grounded area of connecting! Around a dinner table or with friends and soft green, blue, white and grays in the living area, which to me represent zen and calm. Both tones reflect exactly who I am, without ever looking at a color swatch or over thinking. 

5. Planets and Flowers

Being surrounded by life and nature within my own four walls has changed every thing. They radiate energy and a beautiful sense of growth in my house. Watering and caring for them is a favorite meditation or a good break from sitting in front of my laptop. Also, buy yourself flowers! They are joy and you may as well shower yourself with them whenever you can. 

Excited to dig deeper into the creating of my sanctuary. I cant wait to share what I learn along the way. I am thinking next up will be actually using Fung Shui to redo my bedroom. I will keep you updated to what goodies I discover along the way.

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