There is science behind a good long shower. They let your mind wander and let you explore your hearts ideas. Wandering is where ideas come from. The Pour l'air HQ is a white loft with an open shower. We've thought about having meetings in it, brainstorming sessions but as yet we haven't. #loft #white #shower #openshower #ideas #whiteloft

Pour l'air Scented Candle Studio

Letting your mind wander is where ideas happen and that's why long showers are good for you. In addition to cleaning your body, they clean your thoughts.Each of the 6 scents is made to wander and get your mind into different idea generating states. #pourlairscents #scentstowander 

Find the place your mind wanders, the place you solve problems or have ideas and spend more time there.  If your morning commute is when you have all your ideas, for example, then, from time to time, just go for a drive without having a destination and just enjoy the drive.  Let your mind wander.

If your team has a big problem to solve or you need big ideas from them, don't lock them in a room to figure it out - let them go for a walk, wander around a museum together, listen to music. Play games, throw a ball around, read children's books.  Let a mind wander and you'll be amazed at what it discovers.

Forest Bathing by Pour l'air. scented soy candle 

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