Isolation ideas. Pour l'air scents is dressing hangers as pretend visitorsI am single so I am in isolation alone which does get a little lonely some days so I have taken to dressing clothes hangers as visitors. The idea came from my childhood. My sister is a year younger than me and when I started school she was lonely during the days so she made up a friend ‘Mrs. Brown’ and was apparently quite content spending her days with this lady. I am borrowing a page from my sister’s brain and will create pretend visitors throughout my home alone isolation time. My sister is quite sane today (well she was then too) and is a leader in the mental health world so I believe it’s a good strategy.

It's been quite fun and certainly keeps my mind occupied wondering who will be coming, what will they be wearing, what will they want to do...I've been sharing the photos on Instagram and it's fun to see the people's comments. Have a look and join in on the convo. https://www.instagram.com/pourlair_scents/

 Covid 19 coping technique is dressing hangers as pretend visitors

Today’s pretend visitor came to nap. She’s a Nap Lover. Not very chatty. #naplover #pretendvisitor

Fancy Friday pretend visitor during isolation of Covid 19. Coping ideas.Had another pretend visitor today. For happy hour. She won't leave. #fancyfriday #stayingsane 

Workingfromhome outfit. Pretend visitor outfit. #wfhootdTToday's pretend visitor came to help ship candles. We love a white shirt and distressed Levi's. 

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