Summer travels require summer scents as who knows how that Airbnb vacation rental is going to smell. Keep sheets fresh with room sprays and travel candles. We are in the thick of summer and that means travels, staycays, vacays, house guests, hard to work days and make it happen plays. It also means a lot of smells - with the heat and all that moving around, things can get smelly. Smells do elevate our experiences but some modify instead. 

Our tips to making our summer experience better are: 1. using our travel pillowcase,  2. take along a travel candle, 3. keep personal space spray with you, 4. use our home size candles to get you into the mindset you need to be in, 5. keep a candle at the doorway or in guest rooms to burn up bad smells. 

Nap Lovers travel candle by Pour l'air is a soy candle, a fig candle that smells of fresh cotton.

A travel candle for the road (one for the ditch as my friend says) is handy as who knows how that Airbnb is going to smell. We are clean freaks so we created the 'Travel With Me' pillowcase in lush cotton and cooling percale cotton to take along and use it to keep your head clean as well as a journal.

Our 'personal space spray' is a room/fabric spray designed to clean the air around you in airplanes, Ubers, cubicles, etc. We like to spritz our Nap Lovers onto our pillowcase and dream of good dreaming. Sometimes we spritz Hayloft on our jeans to trick our minds into thinking we just spent the day romping through fresh cut hay. 

Room spray, fabric spray called Personal Space Spray for summer travellers and summer vacation rentals like Airbnb, cottages, glamping.

We do like to trick our minds into feeling better and more productive and that is why we created a 'Shop by mindset' section on the Pour l'air site. We used the science of scent and storytelling to create the scents, each one works in a different way and helps you love the day. If you're needing to come up with new ideas use Horse Sense, get grounded use Forest Bathing, unwind use Nap Lovers. Check the uses here

Pour l'air is working to make more sense of scent - to make each day a little more loved with the simple use of good scents. 



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