Hello February,

We love a new month as it feels like a clean slate. New days ahead to love, to share love, to be grateful. Pour l'air is all about finding things to love in the everyday. Our scents are designed help your head to hear your heart, to bring you peace. There is science showing scent effects your mood, as does a good story.

“Be the person the brings the happy.”

Let's use February and the notion of love that it is connected to and share something we love each day. Share it with your partner, your children, parents, neighbor and stranger. It will make you feel happier - I promise.

Use our poster as a reminder, write on it and post it in your insta story. It will be fun to see what people love. Use #Ilovedyoutoday to share it and tag us @pourlair_by_Jocelynfortier so we can see and start to build a library of loved moments.

Enjoy your February. And remember we have a sale on our scented soy candles. Great Valentines Day gifts for yourself or whomever. The white vase is a clean start, the handlettering feels like a story, the quote is a positive reminder and matches well in all spaces.



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