Selma Blair loves Pour l'air

Selma Blair whom I absolute adore and admire how she is so honest about her everyday struggles with MS - yet she is so gracious and inspiring as she shares her problems, lighthearted moments, loved moments, what she does to feel better. She makes me feel better.

She posted about Pour l'air candles and my mind has been swirling in gratitude, flooded with emotion. I loved her comment, her photo and the kind comments of others. It really is something when someone does such an act of kindness - it has had a huge impact on me and I am feeling so incredibly gracious. #thankyou #selmablair #angel #kindness #gracious I do feel blessed by an angel.

Selma Blair loves Pour l'air candles. Read her comments on the candles.

I was particularly happy to know that really loves Horse Sense and Hayloft. These two scents are stories I wrote to evoke memories of being in a barn, of horseback riding. Horse Sense is the story my dad told me. I wrote the stories then worked with professional fragrance developers to ‘make scents of the stories’. They are designed to be an experience. She loves them as she can't ride horse any longer but she can relive those moments with these scents. 

Makes me so happy that Selma can relive some barn memories with these two Pour l’air scents. Order yours and ride out the story…

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