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THE NOTES. papery light notes of books, sandalwood, india ink, orange rind.

THE STORY. I peered through the open door, the light of the sun led me to her ink stained hands collaging her fragmented thoughts on living lighter. Wrinkled papers littered the worn wooden floor. Partially dried orange peels warmed by the sun wafted past adding a tingling sensation to the air. Old books open to pages of poetic words lined the floor wide work space providing prose for collages of curiosity. History and mindless meanderings of new mingled with the slightly eaten fruit, the smatterings of ink, the warmed pages and the worn wood to create a moment that smelled like inspiration.

THE PURPOSE. studio secrets was designed to take you to a place where you feel inspired and curious. to where ideas flow onto the floor, the walls and into the homes they are meant to be.

THE CHARACTER. papery, poetic and oddly fresh with aged books and worn wood brightened with the zest of orange rinds and smatterings of India ink. Insightful, a lingering lightness.

CONTENT. They have a high level of premium grade fragrance so the cold throw is great meaning the scent lingers and lasts even when not lit. Not tested on animals. Soy wax blend. Cotton wick. Clean burning.

9 oz, burns 60 hours.