Copy of Scent Collage Stories____ our Behind The Scenes

Each scent begins with a story_ with a purpose. They are meant to be an experience, to fill the air with soul and inspiration. These are the collages we created, we are creatives and spent countless days sitting on our floor writing, collecting images, handwriting thoughts and creating moods that we wanted to be in to be even more creative.

We took these to the professional fragrance developers to develop the scents, each time they gave us a new sample we would pull out these collages and ask ourselves 'does it smell like this?', 'does it feel like this?'. 

To use the scents, let your mind wander with the story. To choose a scent, think of the purpose, the mindset. Rather than choosing a scent on the notes, choose the experience. We like to think the candles are like experiencing a movie, a song... they are meant to move your mind. Purpose driven scented soy candles created by 'making scents of stories'. 

We are working to making more sense of scents.