Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide that makes scents. Pour l'air has a collection of manly scents that smell of things your dad loved or did, experiences that smell like dad. Give to him to relive moments or send to yourself to remind you of your father. Candles come in travel size (on sale for $14), home decor candles and room/fabric spray. Our Horse Sense is on sale for dad day for $29. 

1. Grew up on a farm.  Hayloft 
2. Childhood had sheets dried on a clothesline. Nap Lovers
3. Worked with dirt, with roots and trees. Forest Bathing
4. Likes horses, barns. Horse Sense Horse Sense $29 sale. Click here. 
5. Likes to read, books and newspapers, libraries. Studio Secrets
6. Likes a bourbon and a cigar, a romantic. Mr. Rose

Fathers Day Gift Guide ___ notes

Father's day is nearly here and the poor guy is often left out. Stats show that. Our candles have been made from stories, like the Horse Sense story from my dad. I burn the candle when I want to feel him near, my mom burns it as does my brother, sister and other family members do. I love manly scents and most of the Pour l'air candles are masculine, earthy notes. Choosing a scent online can be a tad tricky so we've made a Father's Day gift guide. It's based on character, his likes, who he is or how he grew up. Check the list then head to the shop - there are more notes there. Remember your dad with a scent that you can keep in your car, on your travels, at home or wherever you'd like him near. Pour l'air scents are made as experiences. Shop the online store, click here

Candles come in the home decor size, travel size (on sale for $14) and the personal space spray. Use them in different rooms in your home, your car, your cottage, at work, at the cottage, in your tent. They are designed to help you love the day. Shop the sale and take advantage of free shipping over $77.

Fathers Day Gift Guide that makes scents by Pour l'air