Gifts. Luxury candles are a gift everyone can enjoy for hours. Pour l'air scented soy candles are made to be an experience, to create moments. Each has a purpose from igniting instincts, to inspiring, meandering, wandering, feeling raw passion and more. We believe a good story puts your mind in a certain state, then add the scent of it - your mind really does go there. We love the idea that someone may read the story to you, then you light the candle, then you let your mind wander. It's a bit like meditating.

Our scents are oddly familiar, soulful, they range from feminine to masculine so we have gifts for all types. We love design and interior design so we worked hard to develop the packaging it would be decor for a space, for the air. The letterpress box and label have handlettering by Jocelyn Fortier, the story is on the side of the box so the recipient can read it and enjoy the moment. 

We are into scent pairing. Choosing a scent that matches where you want your headspace to be, and your physical space. We feel a scent can add color, texture to a room, poetry for the air. It can effect how you feel in a room, enhance what's there, makeup for what is not. Scent is powerful, underused. Pour l'air candles are not just a candle, they are a story, decor, a mood maker and mind shifter.

Our wish is that the candles help you find moments you love in a day, that is what the art is to remind you of. Happy wandering.


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