Pour l'air concept

Pour l'air is making scents of stories. Stories and scents designed to get you inspired.

Lighthearted, oddly familiar notes made to be an experience.

We are are a different kind of scent company as we create scents to be an experience - not simply a memory trigger. Just as you would like to experience a new dish, a movie, a song ... we create scents for you to have a mind moving experience. 

To best shop the site and use the candle, read the stories and let your mind wander, note the purpose and where you would like your mind to be. Don't focus on notes you typically like - our scents are developed by professional fragrance developers so they smell on the high quality level of candles like Le Labo and Byredo.

Scents are avail in travel size, home size and our new personal space spray. Stylist love to use them on set, designers when they are working on new creative, friends when they use Airbnb's. Tell us where and how you use your scents with #pourlairscents)

Pour l'air is all about adding light to the everyday. Running through the day carefree and loving moments. Our tshirt is using our hand lettering art in our tattoo, streetart style to remind ourselves to find something to love in each day. 100% lightweight cotton in a tomboy cut. Our bundle offer comes with a travel candle.