It's getting to smell a lot like Christmas. We are here to make gift giving a little easier with our Gift Guide That Makes Scents. We designed our candles to be shopable online. That's why we wrote descriptive stories then worked in detail with professional experience fragrance designers to create the scents. We researched the scents to match the intentions. The idea was to make them like a book, a movie of dish you read about and want to try. 

Pour l'air candles were designed with intentions. Our gift guide NO.1 allows you to shop by intentions. Pour l'air candles do make great gifts -they are decor, they are functional and they definitely spark joy. Scents to love the day we say. 

Pour l'air candle gift guide. How to shop for candles by intention.

CANDLES_____Each candle is designed with scents and a story that moves your mind, creates a mood. They are like a book that is scented. The label is handwritten and uses typewritter font to look and feel like a writer created it...which they did. Letterpressed onto cotton paper. Shop candles.

Pour l'air gift guide shows how to shop by intention. Candles for home decor. POSTER____ The poster are 16" x 23". The handpainted I loved you today is a reminder to look for something to love in each day. Shop posters

Poster for home decor lovers. Great gift to make a home feel loved. POSTCARD___ Postcards are 4" x 6" with space to fill in what you loved. Set of 6 makes lovely cards to leave with a host, a friend, family .... we love handwritten notes so that is what these are intended for. Telling others what you loved about a day shared. Shop postcards.

Stocking stuffer gift idea. A pack of postcards to make a handwritten note.

TSHIRT____ Let the world know you are loving the day. It's nice to spread gratitude. Shop tshirts.

Statement tshirt makes a great gift for the streetwear style person.

PILLOWCASE____ These are for the travel lover. Travel for real or in your mind. We designed them to take on your travels as who knows how clean that airbnb really is. There is space to write your own stories, your dreams, have guests sign them or write down where you traveled. Linen pillowcase or a crisp cotton percale pillowcase makes a beautiful gift. Comes in a travel pouch. Made in LA. Shop pillowcase.

Travel pillowcase make a great gift idea for the travel lover. Linen pillowcase. Cotton pillowcase. Home decor gift idea.

GIFT CARD____ Let them choose their own scent. You can download a card and wrap that or simply send to them. Shop gift cards.

Gift card for designers and home decor lovers. Makes scents to send a gift card and let them choose a gift that makes sense to them.

Pour l'air gifts are making scents to love the day. View all products.

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